K-CBM (Kindergarten Curriculum-Based Measurement)


K-CBM is a research-based screening process for kindergarten students encompassing three areas:

The reading component assesses early literacy skills that are prerequisite to reading.  Hence it is similar to iSTEEP for reading.  The reliability and validity is similar to iSTEEP and other leading MTSS assessments but this assessment is much quicker and efficient because it is administered in a group format.  In addition to reading, the assessment process also includes brief assessments for math and writing. 

The purpose of the assessments is screening.  This means the assessments are most appropriately used to determine which students may be in need of additional instructional support.  Like all screening measures, they should be used in conjunction with professional judgment that incorporates all available information about the student.


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  General Directions for Administering and Scoring

  Directions for Administering and Scoring Probes

  Procedural Integrity Checklist


●  Reading

  Circle Letter

  Circle Letter Assessor Copy

  Circle Letter Assessor Instructions

   Find the One that is Different

  Different Probe, Form A

  Different Probe, Form B



  Adding Circles

  Adding, Form A

  Adding, Form B

○  Circle Number

  Circle Number, Form A

  Circle Number, Form B

○  Draw Circles

  Draw Circles, Form A

  Draw Circles, Form B

  Write Number

  Write Number, Form A

  Write Number, Form B

○  Instructions for Math Assessment

  Math Readiness Instructions


●  Writing

○  Copy Letter

  Copy Letter, Form B

○  Instructions for Writing Readiness Assessment

  Writing Instructions



Research and Validation for K-CBM

VanDerHeyden, A.M., Witt, J.C., Naquin, G., and Noell, G.H (2001).  The reliability and validity of CBM-based readiness probes for kindergarten students.  School Psychology Review, 30. 363-382.

Created by and provided courtesy of Amanda VanDerHeyden

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